Author: Esha Sameer

  • How Social Media Impacts our Well Being

    How Social Media Impacts our Well Being

    Most of us are addicted to social media. Either we are on Facebook or Instagram for more than an hour every day. We think that makes us happier, bringing us closer to the people we like or follow. However, the reality is not what it seems – according to recent research published in the Journal […]

  • New method for the treatment of Alzheimer’s

    New method for the treatment of Alzheimer’s

    Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder that results in wearing away of brain cells. Sadly, there is no cure for this disease. At least no one has found one yet. There is no way to reduce the extent of damage caused and there is no way to completely eradicate it, which is terrible considering the […]

  • Super Singapore

    Super Singapore

    An awesome travelogue by our little writer Esha – Ah, Singapore! You might say it is just another urbanised island with nothing special. That if you want to visit a place it should be grand, like Maldives. But no, Singapore is not what you think. It has beautiful attractions, clean air, and greenery everywhere. Do you want […]

  • Ugh, Another Rodent

    Ugh, Another Rodent

    ( Fun facts about hamsters – by Esha our little researcher @6th grade ) Everyone thinks that hamsters are mice and are yucky and unhygienic. Just like rodents are. That’s not true. Yes, they are rodents, but they make good house pets. Let us get to know more about them. They belong to a subfamily called […]