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Back To School

(Interesting article written by Kaavya)

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After a yawning gap of one and a half months, I was ready to go back to school.

I packed my bag, polished my shoes and kept my uniform ready for the next day. Going by the quotation, early to bed early to rise makes you healthy and wise, I was on bed early that day to wake up early next day.

Myriad number of questions struck me while I was in my bed. How the next day would turn out to be, was the only question to which I was not able to find any answer.

A new day was to begin.

I was really excited to meet my friends, teachers, class and everything that I missed during vacations. But still I was in a profound thought of how the next day would be, would it be pleasant, painful, dreadful or terrible.

Finally, I realized that the day is going to be what I make of it. Leaving all the worries behind I headed towards a new day, a new dawn or a new routine in which I had to settle after a long time.

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10 responses to “Back To School”

  1. Anuj Avatar

    Nice article kaavya…

  2. Mihika pant Avatar
    Mihika pant

    But Kaavya we don’t have a uniform in our school

  3. Kaavya Avatar

    But I have a uniform in my school.

  4. esha Avatar

    Please write another story.

  5. nya Avatar

    great story kaavya :) please keep on posting more stories on kinooze !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. nya Avatar

    great story kaavya :) please keep on posting more stories on kinooze!!!!!!!!

  7. Rhea Avatar

    That was an awsome story

  8. Kaavya Avatar

    Thanks a lot everyone for reading my article!!!

  9. Arusha Avatar

    Hey,kaavya when is your new article coming up!i mean you should write a little book containing all your opinions and facts in it so keep writing and all the bet!

  10. Kaavya Avatar

    Thanks Arusha for the suggestion.I’ll surely try doing so!!!

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