Barbie Goes to Space

Image Credit: Mattel

Mattel makes the most famous Barbies.

NASA makes astronauts.

What happens when NASA and Mattel come together? An astronaut Barbie.

This new version of Barbie was released on August 5. That was a special day as Curiosity landed on Mars an year ago on this date.

Where ever there is Barbie there has to be pink, so the Red planet will now get to see pink. The doll is “outfitted in a stylish spacesuit with pink reflective accents, helmet, space pack and signature pink space boots,” Mattel reported.


This doll is released in the series of  “I can be ” dolls. It is 13-inch tall, and the toy company hopes that it will inspires young girls to be explorers and adventurers.

You can follow the stars now with Dora and Barbie.


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