Bat as tiny as Bumblebee

Bat as tiny as Bumblebee !!

Well yes! Such a bat does exist. So what if it weighs only two grams and is as long as one inch. What ?? As light as a feather and maybe even smaller than your nose!!;) Yes that’s right! We are talking about the Bumblebee bat. It is the world’s smallest mammal.

Bat as tiny as Bumblebee, Photocredit:koshersamurai

Like all other bats, they prefer resting in groups and are only active at night. Night is when they feed on insects, leaves and twigs. Bumblebee bat spends much of its time hidden in limestone caves of Thailand which is the only place they like to live.

They go way too deep inside the caves. Their grey to reddish-brown color helps them hide well as it is similar to the color of the caves. Though they live around limestone, they shy away from the limelight!! ha ha!!

Bumblebee bat has a peculiar fleshy pig-like snout and was very recently discoverd in 1974 by Thai mammologist Kitti Thonglongya. Therefore, it is also known as Kitti’s hog-nosed bat.

Sadly, Bumblebee bats are one of the  most endangered species on the planet. The main threat to them are disappearing forests around the limestone caves in which they live.

Check out this amazing cartoon about the Bumblebee bat:

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2 responses to “Bat as tiny as Bumblebee !!”

  1. Meow Avatar

    Aww! They are so cute and adorable and beautiful! They are really that small? Wow I love animals so much thank you for making a website like this! :-)

  2. ssss Avatar

    They are ugly. they look like devils!!

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