Monsters (Photo source: Monsters Inc, the movie)

Boo! I Am A Monster

If I ask you what a monster is like you would probably say “Someone with scary blue skin, fiery red eyes, terrible claws, evil heart..” But wait, have you ever asked your friends if they have actually seen a monster… Ever?? And if they have, what happened after that meeting??

Most of the folks would probably just shake their heads and say “No, I have not seen one”. A very few might scratch their heads and say “Yes ! Once I thought I saw one!! But then it turned out to be just my imagination. Everything was alright after all!”

Monsters are what you make in your own head, when you are afraid, when you are petrified. For example, at night when the lights are dimmed – Shhhhhhhhh… the curtains move and you think it’s a monster. A night insect makes a whirry sound, you again think its a monster. And then – you want to make sure your bedroom door is not locked so you can run out anytime you want !

Everyone has a monster that scares them. But what comforts them is this – To know that it would be alright after all.

You have probably read about a lot of different “bad” monsters in your story books. Let me see if you can recall any good ones. Wait ! Are there good monsters too? Of course – although they are rare. Can you recall a few rare ones – see below:

Elmo (Source Sesamestreet)

Aha! The furry red monster Elmo from Sesame Street.

Herry Monster (Source Sesamestreet)

Or the furry blue monster – Herry Monster – again from Sesame Street, who isn’t even aware of his own strength !

And how about the gentle monster Sully from the movie Monsters Inc.

Catch this song below – remixed from the movie Monsters Inc.


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