Brave Little Andy

(Myra, 9, writes a story about brave heart Andy)

Image Credit: Flickr User Ryan Somma, via CC

Once there was a little boy. His name was Andy. He had a beloved sister named Andrea.

He and his sister had a peculiar fascination for animals. Every day they would admire the colourful birds and insects in their beautiful garden. Once a month their parents would take them to a zoo which excited them very much. One day, Andy and Andrea, were roaming around in their  garden when they heard a rustling sound. “Did you hear something Andrea?” Said Andy. “Yes, it sounded like something moving behind those bushes”, answered Andrea.

Andy and his sister moved back. Andy could not help wondering what it was.

He stared hard into the bushes and guess what he saw a little face looking at him! He was alarmed. After he had recovered from his initial shock, he ran home followed by his little sister and got his animal book. After searching for a few minutes, he found out that the face he had seen was, in fact, a python’s face!

The python was unaware of  what was going on, and decided to take a look. It emerged from the bushes and started to slither around. Meanwhile frozen in amazement and terror were brother and sister, crouched up on the garden seat. Then Andy, gathering up all his courage walked towards the enormous python and put his arm out in front of it. It looked at Andy for a moment and slithered up his hand and curled around his neck.

He was very proud of his bravery. Both of them ran indoors to show their parents. Their parents could not believe their eyes and praised brave Andy. Andy was very happy and wanted to keep the python as his pet. His parents gave him permission to keep it if only they could have his poisonous fangs removed. From that day, Andy and Andrea never forgot their amazing experience, and now their pet python is roaming around freely in their beautiful garden.

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6 responses to “Brave Little Andy”

  1. esha Avatar

    Cool story Myra

  2. Mimi Avatar

    Wow – what a cool story Myra. Great – will be looking for more to come from this young writer. Lots of love and blessing.

  3. Rhea Avatar

    Wow Myra cool story.

  4. nya Avatar

    nice story Myra. Well done!!!!!!!

  5. senuri123 Avatar

    please write more on Andy….

  6. Arusha Avatar

    Well done!too good !!!!!!!
    Keep it up Myra you did really well!

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