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  • Daddy I got A Bad Dream

    Daddy I got A Bad Dream

    When do our children start dreaming? There are different phases of dreams that a child goes through. Between the ages of 2-5 years a child can see the images of animals or people but they do not dream. Children older than 5 can see a sequence of events and dream but fear is not reported […]

  • The iPad Generation

    The iPad Generation

    These days we are bringing up kids in a generation that we like to call the iPad generation. Kids can spend hours playing their favorite games on the tablet. Since most of us parents have a laptop that we are hooked on to 24/7, it is normal for our kids to feel that that’s the […]

  • The Attack of “Whys and Whats”

    The Attack of “Whys and Whats”

    It is a crisp Sunday morning and you are snoozing comfortably in your warm bed and there it starts. Nope, it is not the buzzing of the alarm clock but the attack of “whys and whats” that your little one is unleashing on you. “Why are you sleeping till late?”, “What will we do today?”,”Why […]

  • How to Help Your Child Overcome Stage Fright?

    How to Help Your Child Overcome Stage Fright?

    What is Stage Fright? It is defined as the fear of speaking or performing in front of others. It happens to a lot of children. Adults get it too but it is easier to fix in kids than in adults. Parents can just get butterflies looking at their kid get on the stage. Children who […]

  • For a Very Special Daddy

    For a Very Special Daddy

    Hey, today is Fathers Day!  So what if you didn’t buy fancy things to impress him! Material things are not important at all. What is important is to show how much you love him. While we should love and respect him every day, this day particularly gives an opportunity to show our love for him […]

  • My Daddy Dearest

    My Daddy Dearest

    This Father’s Day I want to honor my father who is probably peeping through the clouds and still watching over me. Five greatest lessons out of a thousand good things that he taught me without even saying a word. The greatest gift that you can give to your kids is unconditional love. Just give your […]