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  • David and Goliath

    David and Goliath

    Long time ago there were people who lived in a place called Israel. These people were called Israelites. There were also people named the Philistines who lived in Philistine. The Israelites and the Philistines did not get along well, and both wanted to conquer each other. As a result, they both were in a battle. […]

  • Spring and Fall

    Spring and Fall

    Once upon a time there lived a beautiful fairy who took care of all the harvest on earth. Her name was Ceres. Ceres took care that the earth looked beautiful all year round with blossomed flowers and bountiful of crop. The trees were laden with fruits, and the grass was green everywhere. Ceres made sure […]

  • The Mysterious Ape

    The Mysterious Ape

    Have you ever heard about Bigfoot? Or a yeti? Or an abominable snowman? These are all names for extremely mysterious large hairy ape-like creature, covered in dark brown or dark reddish hair and about 6–10 feet tall and weighing more than 230 kg (500 pounds). Depending on where they have been spotted around the world, […]

  • The Story of Mekhala and Eyso

    The Story of Mekhala and Eyso

    Long time ago there was a famous hermit. She had two students that were equally good. They were goddess Moni Mekhala and the giant Ream Eyso. After teaching them for several years, the hermit wanted to gift her magic ball to one of them. She thought of a contest to find out which of her […]

  • All About Good Friday

    All About Good Friday

    Good Friday is a Christian tradition to mark the day when Jesus Christ, the son of God, was nailed to the cross. This is often known as crucification of Lord Jesus. It was on this day that Jesus was beaten and tortured because he claimed to be the son of God.  A crown of  thorns was […]

  • Holi – The Festival of Colours

    Holi – The Festival of Colours

    Aha! It’s spring time and Holi, the festival of colors is back again. The most fun thing is that everyone gets covered in layers of colors and looks like a clown!  But on this day, no body minds being one. Ha! Its the day of fun and celebration. Have you stocked up the colors yet? The special dry color that […]

  • Dhruv – The Brightest Star!

    Dhruv – The Brightest Star!

    Have you ever notice that bright, brilliant tinkling star in the sky? It is always close to the moon and you can easily spot it on a clear night. It is the Pole star. It is named so because it lies directly overhead when viewed from the Earth’s North Pole or South Pole. This star has […]

  • The Golden Touch

    The Golden Touch

    Long time ago in ancient Greece, there lived a king named Midas (pronounced mahy-duh-s) who ruled the Greek kingdom of Phrygia. He was a good king and looked after his people well. King Midas had one thing peculiar about him -he loved gold. He was a rich king and had plenty of gold. His palace was made of gold. So much […]

  • Pandora’s Box

    Pandora’s Box

    Long time ago when there were no humans, mother Earth commanded her two grandsons Prometheus and  Epimetheus  to settle life on Earth. Prometheus was foresighted, as his name suggested, was quite a planner and always thought of  repercussions of his decisions. Epimetheus true to his name had only hindsight. He was reckless and was always regretting his decisions. Now, the two […]

  • Amaterasu – The Sun Goddess

    Amaterasu – The Sun Goddess

    In Japan, Buddhism is the faith that people mostly follow now. But in ancient times people believed in Shinto and it still remains a significant part of the spiritual society in Japan. Amaterasu was the sun goddess of the Shinto religion. It is also believed that Jimmu, the first ruler of  Japan was the grandson of Amaterasu. Amaterasu was the owner of a heavenly garden. […]

  • The Legend of Kumbh Mela

    The Legend of Kumbh Mela

    ‘Kumbh’ is a Sanskrit word meaning  ‘pot or pitcher’. ‘Mela’ in Hindi means ‘a fair’. Hence, the Kumbh Mela means festival of the pot. In Hindu mythology, there is a legend about how Kumbh Mela began to be celebrated in India. About the time when Universe was created, the Indian Devas(Demigods) were cursed by a […]

  • Hercules, The Hero

    Hercules, The Hero

    Hercules (HR-ku-leez) was a great Greek hero who was half human and half God. His father was the famous Greek God Zues. Hercules was not considered to be God initially, but because of his bravery and heroic deeds, he was finally given a place amongst gods. Hercules had immense strength when he was little. Once he saved his twin brother from two […]

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