pandora's box

Pandora’s Box

Image Credit: Flickr User Victori∀, via CC

Long time ago when there were no humans, mother Earth commanded her two grandsons Prometheus and  Epimetheus  to settle life on Earth. Prometheus was foresighted, as his name suggested, was quite a planner and always thought of  repercussions of his decisions. Epimetheus true to his name had only hindsight. He was reckless and was always regretting his decisions.

Now, the two grand-kids were given a bunch of resources by mother Earth. Instead of making wise use of them Epimetheus wasted away all the resources allotted to both of them. Prometheus’ humans had nothing left to protect themselves with.

Against his good judgement Prometheus stole fire from God Zeus and gave it to humans – as if to give humans something to protect themselves with. Zeus was furious and wanted to teach Prometheus a lesson and so he asked the other Gods to create a woman named Pandora that will bring troubles to Earth.

Prometheus gave a warning to his brother not to accept any gift from Olympian Zeus as he was foresighted. He suspected the Gods were tricking them. But when Zeus gifted Pandora to Epimetheushe forgot his brother’s warning, and took the gift from Zeus with utter delight. She looked like an angel.

Now Pandora also brought a box with her. The Gods had forbidden anyone to open the box, for the sake of the whole world. Everybody was asked not to open it. But Pandora was too curious to peek inside the box that none could touch. Without thinking, she opened the box, and  all the troubles known to mankind came out: sicknesses by day and by night, old age, harsh toil and death. The only good thing that remained inside was hope.  Zeus had allowed Pandora to put the lid back just in time.

Before Pandora’s box was opened, the people on Earth lived in peace, free from all the suffering that now haunts them.


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