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  • Pygmy Elephants Poisoned

    Pygmy Elephants Poisoned

    In Asia, pygmy elephants are only found in tropical rainforests in north Borneo, South east Asia. This elephant species is endangered, and there are only about 2,000 elephants in Borneo. Most of the elephants are in Sabah, a state on the east of Borneo island. Sadly, Ten of these rare elephants have been found dead […]

  • Bubble Trouble!

    Bubble Trouble!

    An entire town in Australia got covered in Bubbles. Are we joking? Not at all. Australian town of Mooloolaba, Queensland has been completely blanketed by frothy suds. Children and grown ups came out on the streets and beaches to play in the bubbles. What fun! Sometimes extreme froth are formed during storms when powerful waves force air […]

  • Frozen Fires

    Frozen Fires

    Can you imagine a frozen fire?  A warehouse in the US city of Chicago caught fire and as the firefighters showered the building with water it froze.  Why did this happen? The temperature in chicago in -7 degree Centigrade  hardened the water on the outside of the building. The strange part is that some parts […]

  • I Need Help!

    I Need Help!

    Three divers, in Hawaii, had an incredible experience of their life when they were underwater, and a dolphin asked them for help. This does not happen every day. Right? The dolphin seemed to have some problem. It gestured to the divers by rubbing on the rock and pointing towards what was bothering it. The 8 Ft bottle nosed dolphin […]

  • Attack Of The Endangered Species

    Attack Of The Endangered Species

    We all know these endangered species are extremely vulnerable. Sometimes protecting them is at a huge cost for humans. The national parks in Nepal that are a home to rhinos, tigers, elephants have been experiencing the problem. But why are they attacking humans? Well, animals have really simple needs. They want food and shelter. Since the […]

  • Robots Run Restaurant in China

    Robots Run Restaurant in China

    Isn’t that incredible? A restaurant where robots welcome the diners in, robots wait their tables and none other than robots cook the food!! They even entertain their guests by singing songs! If you want to experience it all by yourself, then The Robot Restaurant in Harbin in North East China is the place for you. The […]

  • Giant Squid Caught On Tape

    Giant Squid Caught On Tape

    So far the Giant Squid has been camera shy, but now explorers have done a difficult task. They got the Giant Squid on tape. This was a joint effort by Japan Broadcasting Commission (NHK) and the US Discovery Channel, and the film was captured during an expedition off Japan’s Ogasawara archipelago. This video might answer a lot […]

  • Who Ate Up The Ozone?

    Who Ate Up The Ozone?

    What is ozone? Is it a fruit related to orange? Or a bone? Well, it is none of the above. The ozone is often referred to the layer of gas covering the atmosphere. It is helpful because it stops the dangerous ultraviolet light of the sun from reaching the Earth’s surface. While the warmth of sun is […]

  • Happy Birthday Wikipedia!

    Happy Birthday Wikipedia!

    How often do you refer to encyclopedia – the book, to know more about things? Just like your book has pages full of information about things, humans would like to know about, Wikipedia also has a collection of all information, that anyone would like to know about, but on the internet. Wikipedia is derived from […]

  • Snake on a Plane

    Snake on a Plane

    Isn’t it marvellous to have a window seat inside the aircraft so that you can enjoy the outside view? But what if suddenly a snake pops up on the window? Sounds scary?? This is what happened on the Qantas flight between Cairns, Australian and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea. A scrub python, Australia’s longest snake, appeared […]

  • Asteroid Apophis will not Touch Earth

    Asteroid Apophis will not Touch Earth

      Apophis a small asteroid, discovered in 2004 which is the size of three-and-a-half football fields will not be hitting Earth as per new calculations. Earlier there was a remote possibility that it might  hit Earth in 2036. Thankfully now we are safe because that will not happen. ” The April 13, 2029, flyby of […]

  • Ice Floats on Saturn’s Moon

    Ice Floats on Saturn’s Moon

    A new study by scientists on Nasa’s Cassini mission found that blocks of  ice might decorate the surface of  Titan. Hey wait, this ice is not made up of water but some other chemical called hydrocarbon. Now the question is if some kind of strange life form might exist that survives on “liquid hydrocarbon”. There […]

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