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Colors That Make All Other Colors


Did you know that most of the colors that you see around us are mixtures of two or more colors? The colors red, blue, and yellow when mixed create many other colors. But these three colors cannot be created from the other colors. In fact, red, blue and yellow when mixed in different combinations make all the colors in the rainbow!! These colors are called primary colors. The word “primary” means anything that is most important. Aptly named !! These colors are indeed very  important!

Now let us do some real action. Get a painting brush, color tubes of red, blue and yellow and a color mixing plate. See what happens when you mix

Red and yellow? Blue and yellow? Blue and red?

Red and yellow make orange, blue and yellow make green, and blue and red make purple !! Now these colors that are formed by mixing two primary colors are called secondary colors.
Now you can keep going on and on. Mix primary colors with the secondary colors. You get so many different colors again. These are called tertiary colors! A tertiary color is a color made by mixing either one primary color with one secondary color, or two secondary colors.
Do you know how many colors a computer can paint?  More than 16 million :)
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