Cutting Onions Bohoooo!

Cutting Onions – Boooo hoooo :(

Cutting Onions Bohoooo!

How often have you seen someone shedding tears while cutting onions? You will probably say ” Quite often! ”  Do you think it’s because they don’t like cutting onions or is there something goofy with the onions? I think it’s the goofy ‘Onions’. But then,why not any other fruit or vegetable? Why only onions?

Onions contain a particular substance called “Sulphur“. Sulphur is a bit smelly thing that can irritate eyes and nose when it gets in contact with them.

When someone cuts onion, sulphur inside the onion spreads out. The nose and eyes start watering because they want to wash away all the sulphur that’s bothering them. Pretty clever, isn’t it?

Some people say, If you peel onions and soak them in water for a while, then it doesn’t  bother so much when cut. And there is one other cool way, to wear protective ‘Onion Goggles’ .

Onion Goggles

Do you know that when you cry about something without actually caring, it’s called shedding ‘crocodile tears’.








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