Daddy can you please be a Helicopter!

Daddy ! Can you Please be a Helicopter?

This is a very hillarious but insightful incident that I remember happened 3 years ago. My daughter, 6 years old then, was in a deep discussion with her father about what she wants to be when she is a grown up. My son, 2.5 years old, was playing quietly with his blocks nearby.

I did not realize how he was absorbing the whole conversation until my husband said to my daughter, ” You can be whatever you want to be”. My son immediately turned his head towards my husband, all wide eyed, and exclaimed,  ” Oh Daddy! Can you please be a Helicopter then?”.

My husband and I just smiled. Children are creative by nature. So if they think that” cars can fly” or that “Daddies can be helicopters”, let them think that – resist the temptation to always correct them, because it discourages their creative thinking.

Here are some things that you can do to ensure that your child blossoms :)

  • Let their ideas flow in the form of story telling and creative writing.
  • Infuse them with self confidence because that will take them a long way.
  • Never get tired of their questions otherwise they will stop asking.
  • Encourage them to Dream big.
  • Teach them that it’s ok to make mistakes but not ok to repeat them.
  • Make them learn that if they fail they have to try again – Not to give up.



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