How does soap clean our hands?

Do I Have To Use Soap?

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Every time you come back from school or play, your parents remind you to first wash you hands with “soap”. Every Time you visit your doctor he also asks you if you are sticking to the healthy habit of washing hands before eating food. You are watching your favorite cartoon and just in the middle of it pops an advertisement for hand wash. So what’s the big deal about it? Why must you wash your hands with soap every now and then?

A lot of dirt particles are insoluble in water and don’t get washed away just with water. On the other hand, when we use soap, The particles of soap grab the dirt or grime  into a mini bubble called a micelle. Then the water washes it all away leaving our hands clean.

Soap does not destroy the dirt. It just washes it away. Some Anti bacterial soaps  kill some bacteria but not all. Soaps can surely can’t kill any viruses.

We must wash our hands thoroughly
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Best way to wash your hands is to wet them with water. Then use some soap and rub it in between hands for about 15 seconds. Make sure you scrub all parts of your hands – the palms, the back of your hands, fingers, wrists and under the nails.

Now wash your bubbly hands under water!

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