Does Bigfoot Live in Texas?

Image Credit: Flickr User Steve Snodgrass, via CC

For centuries large manlike creatures have been reported in North America. The legendary Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is supposedly an ape-like creature that inhabits forests. Most scientists deny its existence, but it has a huge number of fan following  who believe that such a creature exists.

The believers have pictures of big foot sightings and a recent sighting by David Arceneaux along the Neches River in Port Neches in Texas validates their belief. One day when Mr. Arceneaux was visiting the Oak Bluff Cemetery, he was shocked to see two strange looking creatures across the river. He estimated their height to be about eight feet tall. He clicked a grainy picture with his cellphone.

Don’t know for sure it the captured image shows a Bigfoot? But people are flooding the area to get a glimpse of this primate who is also called the wood ape. The Bigfoot sure is the talk of the town.


A group called Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy conducts research regarding the existence of this unlisted primate species called as the sasquatch or bigfoot. They focus mainly in the areas located in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. So far they have identified an area that they have named as “Area X” which is approximately 225 miles which is where a lot of Bigfoot live.

Waiting for the day when we would know for sure about the “hairy man” or the “Wildman”.

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