Eureka !!


Hundreds of years ago, in Greece, there lived a very learned scientist called Archimedes. He loved to observe things around him and always tried to explain the phenomenons. One day as he stepped into his bathtub, he noticed the water level rising and some of the water spilling out ( that happens to you too.. doesn’t it;). In an instant, it occurred to him that there has be some relation between the water level rising up and his body weight. It made sense to him why some things float or sink in water. Thrilled with his discovery he got out of the tub and  without even getting dressed,  ran out onto the streets of Greece yelling.. EUREKA!!…….EUREKA!!…….EUREKA!!…….EUREKA!!…….EUREKA!!…….EUREKA!!………………..

Why EUREKA ?? Because Eureka is a Greek word meaning “I have found it.” Ever since then “Eureka” has been used by people when they suddenly find a solution to a problem.

In 1848, when there was a gold rush in California every time someone found gold they yelled Eureka. In fact the word became so popular that in 1850 a city in California was names Eureka.

So now every time you solve a math puzzle or discover something in a treasure hunt.. you know what to yell out… EUREKA!!

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