False Advertisments

False Advertisments

You must have wondered how is that when there is a perfect advertisement of a company that makes claims that use of some product will change your skin color it does not work in reality. This is called false advertising. The advertisers make untrue statements to lure people into buying things.  Another form of this is hidden costs and surcharges. Perfect examples of this are the telephone and cable companies. Some companies resort to food coloring to make the food look fresher or tastier than it truly is.  One more thing that the companies do is that when a person signs on for a service they promise money back guarantee.  However, when the customer is not actually satisfied with the service and asks for the “money-back” the companies make it extremely difficult for the customers to reach them. They make them wait for such a long time on phone that more than half of customers give up on that call.

There should be some regulatory body that should stop these companies from making such false claims.

A very good article Children and advertising.


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