Fruits or Vegetables

Fruit or a Vegetable?

Image Credit: Pixabay User nemo,via CC

Vian and Vera were twins who argued all the time. It was difficult for them to stay apart and was very tough on their parents when they were together because they fought all the time.
One day they got back from school and were arguing as usual. Vera said, “It is a fruit.”
Vian said, “No, it is a vegetable.”

Mum was confused as she looked at them and asked what the argument was about. They both started speaking at the same time. Mum was confused again. So she asked Vian to be quiet and asked Vera to tell what they were talking about. Vera smiled, as she got the chance to talk first, “Ma’am asked us to find out if tomato is a fruit or a vegetable?”
“Do you know what it is?”, Vian asked mum.

Mum who was truly fond of gardening smiled and said, ” Of course, I know. It is both.”

“What? It is not even sweet”, Vian and Vera spoke together.

Mum said, ” Ideally, a fruit is the sweet and fleshy product of a plant that contains seed, but sometimes it can be tangy or sour, for example, tamarind and wild cherry. However, a vegetable is any edible part of the plant.”

“So by definition tomato is a fruit but by usage it is a vegetable”, Vera deduced intelligently.

“Yes!” said mum.

“Does that mean that cucumber, gourds, squash and pumpkin are all fruits?”, Asked Vian disbelievingly.


“You are so slow,” teased Vera.

“Stop it Vera! Vian you are right they are all fruits. However, they are popular as vegetables”, said mum.

“Why?” Vera and Vian asked in unison.

“Even though they are fruits, just because of their use in cooking they are called vegetables”, answered mum.

“Got it”, said both.

“Next time I want to eat cucumber in fruit time, you have to allow me mum”, said Vian smilingly.

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2 responses to “Fruit or a Vegetable?”

  1. Arusha Avatar

    Wow nìce!i learnt a lot! :) + :) = :D

  2. Arusha Avatar

    Wow nìce!i learnt a lot! :) + :) = :D
    Wow that was cool so now can you put an article about food pyramid please!

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