Juiciest Summer Fruit

Juiciest Summer Fruit

There are no points for guessing that we are talking about Watermelons!! The crunchy juicy fruit is almost all water and little sugar. Many people believe that though it is refreshing, it is not very nutritious. But this is not true. Like many other fruits it is a very good source of vitamin A and B(especially Beta carotene) and fibre. In fact if someone is trying to lose weight, it would be an ideal food as it does not contain fat.

Watermelon is one of the rare fruits where every part can be used in some way. The flesh is very popularly eaten as fruit all over the world. In Vietnam, dried seeds are eaten as a healthy snack.

Watermelon seeds as a snack

In China, watermelon skin is often eaten as a vegetable that is stir-fried, stewed or pickled. Would you care to have some?

Pickled watermelon rind

Watermelon come in many shapes, sizes and colors. You must have seen the round and the oblong ones but in Japan, farmers of the Zentsuji region grow cubic watermelons.

Cubic watermelon

The trick is to grow the fruit in cubic glass boxes to let them take the shape of cubicle as they grow. Wow! That’s interesting!


The color of the inside fruit also varies from beautiful red to pink and sometimes even orange!

Orange Watermelon

Yum yum yum, we are off to eat a watermelon.. Are you?


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