H1N1 Back Again ?

Doesn’t H1N1 sound like somebody’s car number?
But it is not. It is in fact a kind of a virus germ.
Remember, Bacteria and virus are the germs that make us sick. Like any other virus, it makes us sick and then we get fever, feel overly cold (chills) and get body pains. The H1N1 virus is contagious and passes from one person to another person just like most of the other germs.
It is a recently found virus and was at first called Swine Flu .
Why such an odd name as Swine Flu?
Flu is an infection caused by a virus in which we get fever, chills and body pain. In this case, the virus is one that causes flu in pigs . And pigs are also called swine sometimes !! Thus the name “Swine Flu”.

” (H1N1) flu is similar to the ordinary flu, and must be treated with proper medication at the appropriate time “, The Hindu reported.

One healthy tip :
Wash your hands every time you step in the house from outside. This minimises the risk of getting any infection.



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2 responses to “H1N1 Back Again ?”

  1. Bhavna Bhat Avatar

    wow, it is amazing. and with that , the proof is that it is incredibly funny (from bhavnas son).

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