Hanuman and the ball of fire

“Hanu”man and the Ball of Fire

Our lord Hanuman was a very mischievous child.
Do you know once he almost ate up the sun?
Do you know Hanuman was not always called Hanuman?

At birth, his parents named him Anjaneya.
One day, his mother went out to the forest to collect some fruits while he  was asleep. Baby Anjaneya woke up with his tummy rumbling. He couldn’t find anything in the house but outside he noticed a large orange ball up in the sky. Guess what that orange ball was? It was the Sun!! He couldn’t wait to eat the delicious fruit hanging in the sky !!
With all his might, he leapt up in the sky to eat the sun. He could fly perfectly because, after all, he was the son of the Wind God.

As he reached closer, Sun God became terrified and called Rain God for help. Rain God warned the baby that the orange ball was not a fruit but sun – the source of all light and energy on earth. And, if he eats it up, the whole world will plunge into darkness. But Anjaneya paid no attention. Angrily, The Rain God struck him with a thunderbolt on his chin(Hanu).
Ouch !!  Hurt Anjaneya fell down from the sky.

When Wind God saw his son,he became extremely angry to see his cheeks swollen. He felt that the punishment was too big to fit the mistake. To show his displeasure, wind stopped blowing on Earth. People on Earth couldn’t breathe.

Rain god realised his mistake and came to earth. He magically cured Anjaneya’s wounds and also gave him a boon that no weapon will be ever able to hurt him again.

Since rain god had taken aim at Anjaneya’s  hanu(chin), from then on, Anjaneya became known as Hanu-man!

Time for you to take an aim at these questions!!

  • What is the name of the Wind God?…………. Vayu
  • What is the name of the Sun God?……………. Surya
  • What is the name of the Rain God?…………… Indra
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