Fire breathing Dragon

The Monsters that Ate Fire

Image credit: Flickr user loozrboy, via CC

Ohhh! Scared? Don’t be! Because we are talking about imaginary creatures – dragons. These are not real creatures and are safely locked inside fairy tale books along with other imaginary creatures. Most of the times in the stories, the prince or the knight would be looking to find the treasure, or for something magical or perhaps wanting to save a princess. And often, it would be a dragon that would be an obstacle in the way.  The dragons were portrayed as dreadful, terrible,  fire-breathing serpents that have scaly green bodies and huge red wings. They blew out rings of poisonous smoke but somehow never burnt their own tongue. Such Dragons lived in caves, mountains, or lakes.

Image credit: Flickr user, via CC

However the dragons that existed in the far-east stories, like Chinese dragons, did not eat fire. They breathed out rings of mist or clouds. They had the power to make rain fall or make it stop. They did not roar; instead they made the sounds of beating gongs and jingling bells. Chinese dragons ate sparrows. These were friendly dragons and needed a lot of water.

tiny dragon
Image credit: Flickr user Sixpack6t9, via CC

Then there were some dragons that were really small and could fit in your palm. They were mostly castle pets guarding a treasure or a locked princess from the order of a mean evil witch.


If you think about it, may be the dragons were these giant lizards that existed in those ancient times and ages, but got extinct like the dinosaurs or may be they really were just an imagination of fairy tale writers. Keep thinking….


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