How does a telephone work?

Hello? Hola? Hi?

Isn’t it fun when the phone rings and you lift it to hear the voice of your loved one, no matter how far they are. These days many people use cell phones but a lot of people  still use the conventional telephones (also known as land lines) which are connected with wires.

Telephone networks go to each and every corner of the world so you can get connected to anyone in just a few seconds. Alexander Graham Bell a famous scientist, invented the first telephone almost hundred years back.

The telephone is a very simple device with two main parts a microphone and a speaker. When you speak into the microphone the voice is changed into some electric signals. The Speaker in turn  converts these electric signals back to voice again. Each telephone has both of these parts. It is really that easy!

What did people even do before the invention of telephone? They sent written letters to each other and waited for days together for the reply to arrive by the mail :) Phew! it really was snail mail.


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