Hot water discovered in Siachen.

Hot Water Discovered in Siachen.

After the avalanche in Siachen earlier last month on April 7th , here comes a good news for the people in that area.The scientists have found a source of hot water in a very cold weather. They claim that the water gets heated by the heat from inside of the Earth.

What? Earth is hot from inside? Let me try to explain, take a Ferrero Rocher, it is hard on the outside and gooey on the inside. Earth is somewhat similar except that on the  inside  it is really hot and it is also not made of chocolate :)

Mostly that heat stays inside but sometimes it finds it way to the surface of the Earth and that is why we have volcanoes and hot springs.

The hot source of water has come as a relief in the freezing conditions as it can now be used for growing vegetables, setting up green houses on the glacier, the TOI reported.

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