New mammal Discovered

Image Credit:, via CC

New scientific discoveries are not very uncommon these days. But to discover that an animal that scientists  for years mislabelled as an existing mammal called Olingo, is actually a new mammal altogether is thrilling and absurd both.

The new mammal has been named olinguito. The animal looks like one with body of a raccoon and face of a teddy bear. Isn’t that cute? Olinguitos are carnivores and live on trees. They weigh about 1 Kilogram and give birth to one baby at a time. They are creatures of the night and spend their time hopping trees. They are found in abundance in forests of Ecuador and Columbia.

One olinguito named Ringerl stayed in National Zoo in the Washington for over a year misidentified for an olingo! Such a mistake is rare as olinguitos even look quite different from olingos. They have bushier fur, rounder faces and shorter tails and ears.

But better late than never! Now introducing to you the smallest member of the raccoon family of mammals – The olinguito!!

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