New Layer in Human Eye Discovered

Image Credit: Flickr User neuroticcamel, via CC

Till now, all of us knew that only five layers existed in the eye. But recently, an Indian ophthalmologist, Harminder Dua working at University of Nottingham, has discovered another layer in the eye at the back of the cornea. No wonder this layer was immediately named after its discoverer and called Dua’s layer.

The layer discovered after numerous scientific experiments sits between the corneal stroma and Descemet’s membrane. It is merely 15 microns thick. Knowing that one Millimeter is equal to one thousand microns, you can imagine how skinny the layer must be. But despite that, it is a tough structure.

Scientists are happy that now they know little better about the human eye anatomy, This new insight will help them cure the diseases better, especially the ones that effect the back of the cornea.


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