How Do We Learn?

Do you remember the time when you were all babies? Were you as smart then as you are now? Have you wondered how have you learnt whatever you have learnt? Tell me how would you  answer all the questions asked below.

Do you know the colors of the rainbow? See it

Do the flowers smell the same as pigs or different?  Smell them.

Is the chirping of birds same as the roar of Lion? Hear it.

Does a stone feel as soft as cotton? Touch it.

Are carrots as delicious as Fries? Taste them.

You answered all of them correct. How? You looked, you touched, you smelt, you ate, you listened and you asked a thousand questions.

We are all born with five senses that help us learn and understand the world around us as we grow. Asking question also comes naturally to kids as soon as they are able to talk.

The vision: Your eyes are at work as long as they are open. They are like camera clicking away pictures of each and every thing that you see. Then they send the information to your brain for processing so the brain knows what’s going on outside of your body.

Ohh! the smell: Your nose helps you breathe and smell. It has Olfactory cells line the top of the nasal cavity. These cells contain special receptors that help you smell and distinguish a flower’s sweet smell from a pig’s stink.

The sound of music: Do you wonder how your ears do this amazing job of listening. Your ears collect all the different sounds that you hear and send them to the brain to process. Ears help you with one more thing and it is not related to hearing – they help to maintain your body’s balance. No wonder mama has to yell, “Clean you ears!!”, when you constantly ignore her advice.

Where is the flavor?: Ever tried sticking out your tongue? Do you see those tiny bumps on your tongue? Well lying under those are the taste buds or the sensory organs that help you differentiate sweet from sour and spicy from bitter.

Touch me not: The skin contains general receptors. These receptors can detect touch, pain, pressure, and temperature. You have them all over your skin. Skin receptors generate an impulse when activated, which is carried to the spinal cord and then to the brain.

five senses

Interesting thing is that all these senses report to the brain. No prizes for guessing who the boss is?

By using all these senses you have grown so much and you will continue to grow and use them all your life.

Go start discovering new things.




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