Remote control

I Can Control Remote Gadgets

I am not a magician, but I have the power to control electronic gadgets from a distance. I help you all the time. I am the reason you do not have to go close to the television to flip the channels. I am the reason you can switch on and off the air conditioning lying down. I am the why you can open the car doors without using a key. Can you guess who am I?

I am the Remote Control. Have you ever wondered how I work? First of all things – it’s no magic, it is science. I am going to tell you a little bit in detail as to how the communication happens between me and the far away kept devices. Tell me something, have you ever seen a mute person communicating? They communicate by a series of gestures using their hands that the other person understands. It is exactly the same way between me and the devices.

I have a tiny dot of light mostly on the top if you notice. When you press a button tiny dot blinks which means it is sending a signal to the device. This signal is nothing but an invisible light that we can’t see. The device senses and understands the signal and executes it accordingly. Different buttons when pressed, send out the invisible light in different ways. So the device knows whether you are telling it to “switch on”, “switch off”,”volume up”, “channel change”. So you see its almost like sign language.

Hope you understand how much work I do to make your life easier. :)

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