India's 66th independence day

India’s 66th Independence Day

Every year on the 15th of August, Indians are reminded that on this day years ago we got our freedom back. Freedom that was snatched away from us. Long ago, the Britishers came to our country as traders and requested if they could do business with us, that they could be guests for some time in our country. We gave them our love and trust and they betrayed by bringing in their soldiers and then starting to rule our country. It took us almost hundred years of struggle before we got our independence.

Let us value this independence and remember all the great Indian freedom fighters who put their lives in danger to get us free. Let us salute them and then celebrate the success we have had as a free nation since 1947.

Counting the success – one of the proud moments for us was when  Agni V was launched recently . And how can we forget, our excellent performance at just concluded London Olympics 2012, despite the poor sporting infrastructure in the country. There have been some setbacks for us as well. Our nation has to keep fighting with droughts and floods. And do you remember that almost half of India was powerless for more than two days last month!

May the achievements give us the courage so that we can change our weaknesses into strength and emerge stronger every year.

Jai Hind!


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  1. gobind singh bihari Avatar
    gobind singh bihari

    happy independence day

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