Invisible From Mosquitoes?

Wouldn’t everyone love to have an invisibility cloak from mosquitoes? Aren’t they annoying, buzzing creatures that suck your blood and give you a red itchy swollen patch on your skin? And this is when they are doing damage at the least. When they are most sinister, they can cause fatal diseases like dengue fever, malaria and West Nile virus.

We have lotions and sprays in the market that help us keep them away temporarily but sadly they are all to some extent toxic. But now we have some good news. A project called The Kite Patch, has created world’s first totally non toxic yet completely effective mosquito repellent. With the help of a kite shaped patch, put on body, people can go undetected from mosquitoes for up to 48 hrs.

This is how it works. Mosquitoes track humans by detecting the carbon dioxide we exhale. Then as they come closer they detect the exact position by their short range sensor. Smart vampires huh!! Kite patch in turn works by disabling a mosquito’s ability to detect carbon dioxide exhaled by humans. Once that happens for a mosquito you become invisible. And Hurray! You have gotten an invisibility cloak.

The company producing Kite patches, iecrowd says that it will take some time for the patches to be manufactured in bulk and distributed in the market. But can’t wait for that to happen!

Image Credit: Featured Image by Laurel Fan from Flickr

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One response to “Invisible From Mosquitoes?”

  1. shash Avatar

    WOOOW! That is so cool. What if the company made an invisibility cloak to be invisible to everything.That would be awesome! Exactly like Harry Potter. :P

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