Is your kid getting bullied

Is Your Kid Getting Bullied?

How do you recognize if your kid is getting bullied? Is it just something that kids do to other kids and eventually grow out of it? When should a parent or an adult intervene? Sometimes you do have kids who are extremely sensitive and cry at the drop of a hat. So you as a parent have to find out if there is any bullying involved or if it is just a matter of talking to your child. But do not dismiss it at all the times by saying that “You have to handle it on your own.”

Children often play, fight, get angry and then make up with each other. You have to ignore these little quarrels. But if your child is constantly complaining about getting singled out, or being said mean things to, or not wanting to go to school or out to play you should know that it is time to take matter in your hands.

What can a parent do? The following are a few steps that can be taken to stop the bullying from affecting your child.

  1. Tell your child to ignore the bully at first – You cannot change the world, so start by trying to change your own kid. Assure them that they have done no wrong and the way to deal with such bullies is by giving them no importance. Avoiding the bully and not getting in a confrontation is usually the best way to solve a problem.
  2. Ask your child to stand tall and proud – Teach your child to stand their ground. No running away and no arguing with the bully. Pretend as if he does not exist. That will make the bully probably stop the bullying as it is no longer fun.
  3. Bully should be warned that he will be reported – Your kid needs to tell the bully that if his bad behavior does not stop he would be reported to an adult. The bully might try to insult your kid by calling your child names as “tattletale” or a “crybaby”. Tell your child in advance not to react to this name calling.
  4. Parents eventually need to step in – If the matters get really bad and there is hitting involved parents need to step in and resolve the situation.

Parents are responsible for the well-being of their children. Ignoring  such issues might result in your kid developing low self-esteem in the long run, so help the kid out. But do that tactfully !


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2 responses to “Is Your Kid Getting Bullied?”

  1. Chandan Avatar

    Recently my daughter went through this. Actually my daughter,Pragati and another girl X were having a common friend Y. Y was very dear to both X and Prag. X and Pragati started friendship with Y at same time as they go to same school in the same bus. X and Y live in the same building and they are senior to Prag by one year. X is very possessive about Y. X started trying to separate Prag and Y. Prag wanted to be with Y but X not only wanted to be with Y but also that Prag is not with Y (complicated :)). Earlier they used to sit together in the bus without any problem and they played together in evening also. Some time later X and Y started bullying Prag in the bus. Everyday Prag used to complain to us about them. My wife initially talked to X and Y. This also backfired and X,Y and the group started telling Prag that she complained to her mother. Then my wife talked to X’s parent, the parent were not convinced. X and Y told everyone in the group not to talk to Prag. Finally when things were out of control we asked Prag to change the group and not to sit with X and Y in the bus. We also asked Prag not to play with that group of children. After that things started improving and now Prag is also happy. Later when X and Y asked Prag to sit with them (may be their parents told them to do this or X and Y’s heart change), Prag told them that it was not good to leave her new friend. Again X and Y invited Prag to join their group in evening. Prag goes but she ignores X and Y being together all the time.

  2. Ashma Avatar

    These little tips will go a long way in identifying the signs of being bullied in our children and tackling the issue

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