Protests in Kudankulam

Kudankulam Confusion

Kudankulam Nucler Power Project (KNPP) is in Kudankulam in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. It is a nuclear power station currently under construction. A nuclear power station is a major source of power- both heat and electricity.

So if the power station produces heat and electricity it should be good right? Then why people don’t want it? The people are afraid of a nuclear plant because if there are radiation leaks from the plant there could be serious health risks. Radiation means particles traveling at or near the speed of light, since they are travelling at such a high speed they can reach deep inside the human body where they can damage cells.

And that is why around one million people that live around the plant are protesting as they have concerns about the plant’s safety. In the most recent protests, they formed a human chain standing in the waters of Bay of Bengal and shouted slogans. In their protests, they refer to the havoc wrecked on locals by the Fukushima Daini Nuclear Plant in Japan after a strong earthquake and a tsunami in 2011.

The government on the other hand says the nuclear plant has been built keeping all safety guidelines in mind and there should be no need to worry. 

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project will be country’s largest nuclear plant.

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