London Olympics 2012 Mascots

First of all what is a Mascot? You must have heard about mascots before every olympic games or some other big event, but what are they? Mascot is a person or a thing that symbolises an event and brings good luck to it.

Wenlock and Mandeville are London 2012 Olympic and London 2012 Paralympic mascot.

Wenlock is named after Much Wenlock which is a very small town in England. It was here that a multi-sports event was first held in 1850. These events are said to be the inspiration for modern olympic games. Mandeville’s name is inspired by Stoke Mandeville, a small village where ‘Stoke Mandeville Games’, an event for wheelchair and amputee athletes were held for the first time in 1948.


How Wenlock and Mandeville were created is also an exciting story.
They were made from droplets of steel that were used to build the Olympic stadium. They both have a metallic finish, a single large eye made out of a camera lens, a London taxi light on their heads and the Olympic rings represented as friendship bracelets. Children all over the world are loving Wenlock and Mandeville as they look like lovely animated characters from cartoon movies. “They remind you of aliens, which is really weird and cool,” said 10-year-old Ali from London. 

If you like, you can enjoy watching the story of how Wenlock and Mandeville were created


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