Long ears are funny,here comes the bunny.

Long Ears Are Funny, Here Comes A Bunny!

You know what we are talking about? Right! Rabbits :). They are the cutest animals. Their tails are almost like fluffs of cotton and that is why they are also called cotton-tail rabbits. Rabbits are normally gentle animals, but when they are in danger they can kick really hard and can also bite.

People sometimes wrongly use the name “bunny’ for babies of rabbit, but it is just a nickname for rabbits. Rabbit mothers make nice and warm nests using leaves and grass so that their babies are safe.  The baby rabbits cannot see at first and they have no fur.

jackrabbits are hares Snowshoe Rabbits are hare, they turn white in the snow

JackRabbits and Snowshoe rabbits are called rabbits because they look similar but they are not rabbits, they are hares. Hares have much more strength than rabbits and live on flat lands. Their babies can see from birth and have fur to keep them warm.








A funny cartoon character “bugs bunny” from loony tunes

Long  ears are funny here comes the bunny.

Interesting fact:

Snowshoe rabbits turns white in the snow so that their enemies cannot see them.

Baby rabbits are called “kits” or kittens. 



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  1. Arusha Avatar

    Very very cute right.but do you mind if I ask you to put a picture of hare?

  2. kinooze Avatar

    Awesome idea, let me re-post it with more pictures

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