Tickle my funny bone

Tickle Your Funny Bone

Do you get a tingling sensation sometimes when you accidentally bang your elbow at a particular spot? It doesn’t hurt but surely feels odd. Or may be funny?

Guess what? You just hit your ‘funny bone’ !! And you know what is even funnier? Funny bone is not even a bone !!

Then what is it?

Along the inner side of the arm, and passing near the elbow lies a nerve called the ulnar nerve. Nerves carry messages to our brain. For some reason, when ulnar nerve bumps against the humerus (hyoo-muh-rus), a long bone that starts at the elbow and goes up to your shoulder, it sends a ‘feeling funny’ message to the brain.

There is a word in English language called ‘Humorous’ meaning funny that sounds exactly like ‘Humerus’ meaning a bone. So, Think about it. You get a ‘funny feeling’ when the ‘funny bone’ hits the “humorous”… Funny huh !!

Also, In english language there’s a common phrase ‘Tickle my funny bone’. It means funny way of saying something that makes you laugh.

Here is a smart one you can puzzle you friends with…

What’s a bone in your body that you can never break?

Your funny bone !!! ;)

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