Make a Wish Upon a Shooting Star !!

If you are the one who frequently looks at the night sky, you may have been lucky enough to notice amazing streaks of light up there once in a while.
That streak of light is called a Shooting Star.
Sometimes while the Earth is revolving around the Sun,it passes through some tiny or large bits of rocks floating in the space. These rocks are called Meteoroids. When these rocks enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they burn up and produce a short-lived bright trail of light which appears like a a falling star.
So you see a shooting star has nothing at all to do with a Star!!

Did you know:

  • The bright trail of light that a burning meteoroid produces while falling is called a Meteor.
  • If some part of the meteoroid is left after burning and actually hits the Earth’s ground – that is called a Meteorite.
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2 responses to “Make a Wish Upon a Shooting Star !!”

  1. arusha Avatar

    i am really interested in Meteors, so i liked this article :)

  2. Adley Avatar

    I discovered your site, i think your website is awsome, keep writing.

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