Mister Jupiter

Sun is my center,

I am a big mister,

Only Venus is brighter,

I am a Planet not a planter.

Can you guess who am I?

Image Credit: NASA

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Although it is a planet its composition is almost like a star. In fact if it were 80 times heavier we would have known Jupiter as a star. Jupiter is so big that more than 1000 Earth’s can fit into it. If we were to fit all the planets in the Jupiter we could easily do that also.

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun. Its atmosphere consists of thick, colorful clouds of deadly poisonous gases. Since the Jupiter is the fastest spinning planet these gases show up as  bands around the planet. If you go deeper in the atmosphere of Jupiter the thin, cold atmosphere becomes thicker and hotter, gradually turning into a thick, dark fog. It has three tiny rings around it although they are not  as visible as the Saturn’s rings. These rings are mostly made up of tiny dust particles. When seen from the Earth Jupiter is the second brightest planet, the first being Earth’s twin sister Venus.

Jupiter is a giant gas planet made up of mostly hydrogen gas and helium gas, just like the sun. The planet appears to be buried in clouds of  red, brown, yellow and white color.

Jupiter’s most unique feature is the “Red spot” which is a giant spinning storm, almost like a hurricane. The largest hurricane of our solar system. What is stranger is that this storm has been going on for 300 years. Wow! No wonder there is no life on the planet.

Jupiter has 62 known moons. The largest of Jupiter’s moons is Ganymede. It is the largest moon in the solar system. Ganymede is larger than the planet Mercury and three-fourths the size of Mars.

Jupiter has a stronger force of gravity than any other planet. It is 2.5 times the force of gravity compared to the gravity of Earth. So if someone was to weigh 10 pounds on Earth they will weigh 24 pounds on Jupiter. So if you want to become thin go to moon and if you want to gain weight head to Mister Jupiter or you could just be an earthling and be happy:)

Did you know that Jupiter is named after the king of roman Gods? Well fitting, huh!


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3 responses to “Mister Jupiter”

  1. Kush Avatar

    In average how many Earths can fit in Jupiter??

  2. kinooze Avatar

    Almost 1000 Earths can fit in the Jupiter.

  3. Arusha Avatar

    Oh wow this was fantastic!could you put information on the planets mercury,Venus and mars please !
    Thank you so much!please put more information on space stuff soon!thank you!
    Anyway can you tell me how many moons does Jupiter have(24 or 60)?
    Please send answer soon!
    Thanks a lot!

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