Monkey Trouble

Monkey Trouble

Once there lived a monkey, in a jungle, who was always unhappy because he thought that others were better than him. No matter how many times his parents told him that he was a special monkey he was still sad.

One day he was playing with his friends in a cave when he found a magic lamp. As he was looking at it, a genie popped out of the lamp and told monkey, that he could grant him four wishes. The monkey could not believe it at first. But soon he realised that this wasn’t a dream, it was all real.

His first wish was to have feathers like peacock so that he could look as colorful and beautiful like the bird. Immediately, gorgeous feathers popped out around its tail. His second wish was to have a long neck like giraffe. He had always felt that giraffes were so lucky to have long neck as it saved them the trouble of climbing up the trees to eat fruit. In an instant, he felt his neck stretching. His third wish was to have a mane like a lion so that he could also look as majestic as the king of the jungle. Again, he got it!

Monkey couldn’t have been happier. He walked the entire jungle proudly with his chest puffed up. But his excitement was short lived. He soon realised that wherever he went other animals laughed at him. Even his best friends, couldn’t stop giggling. He ran to the river nearby and looked at his reflection in the water. He indeed looked very strange. A monkey with a lion’s mane, giraffe’s neck and peacock feathers probably wasn’t a very good idea. Sobbing, he remembered how his parents always told him to be proud of himself. He completely disliked who he had become and wished to be back to his old self.

Wish! Suddenly he remembered about his fourth and the last wish. Is it difficult to guess what it was??  Monkey asked the genie to turn him back to his old self. Poof! It was done. The monkey had never felt so relieved in his life. That day he learnt that everyone is unique and special. He made a promise to himself that he will always be proud of whoever he is.

So kids you are all very special and unique. Everyone loves you just  the way you are.

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