Mother Knows the Best

Mother Knows The Best!

All of us as kids at some point of time have told our mothers (when she would correct us for something) – “Mom! you think you know the best?”  Well, kids  take a long time to realize that parents do know what is best for them – only when they themselves become parents is when they get it.

Here is an interesting list of things we tell our kids as mothers – for them to not do some things we don’t want them to. Some of it is just clever reasoning – let us explore some of these “white lies” here –

  • If you drink tea your color will turn black– Nothing like that happens :) What really happens is that tea has a lot of caffeine which is kind of addictive and makes the kids restless. You just wanted your kid to avoid that.
  • Eat carrots and you will never have to wear glasses again– There is some truth in this because carrots contain Vitamin A which is good for eyesight. Except that it cannot really help fix the vision once the kid is prescribed glasses :)
  • Don’t swallow that chewing gum it gets stuck in you stomach forever– Okay, you finally allowed your kid to chomp that chewing gum with strict warning that it is not to be swallowed but then you are afraid that it might just slide inside. You wanted your kid to be careful – knowing that chewing gum is made of sugar and plastic. When it is swallowed the sugar is digested but it takes a lot of work for your kids body to throw out the plastic.
  • If you eat your food lying down, your pet dog will get to eat all of it – This cute story hides an important fact that it is dangerous for kids (for anyone) to eat food lying on their back – as there is a chance of choking on it. So you tell this story to your kid – for his/her own good.
  • If you eat the seeds then plants will grow in your stomach– Just one of those warning so that your kid does not choke on the seeds. You know that sometimes they can get stuck inside the body and cause irritation.

Have your own list of “white lies” you tell to reason out with your kid? Send it us – we would all love to read and share.

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2 responses to “Mother Knows The Best!”

  1. Swati Gupta Avatar
    Swati Gupta

    adding to the white lies list:Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus.Also don't touch books with your feet else you wont get knowledge.

  2. Manupriya Avatar

    When my son was 4-5yr old, he was in the habit of biting his nails. So I told him that if u bite ur nails, Cruela de Vil ( A bad character in 101 Dalmations ) will cum in ur dreams. He stopped biting his nails within a month. All thanks to Cruela de Vil.:)

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