My Dreamland

My Dreamland

(Reina, 9, writes a wishful poem for a dream land where everyone is happy.)


Image Credit: Pixabay User nemo,via CC

I want a dream land
Of my own choices
The things all magical
With fewer voices.

A colourful palace
With me on the throne
Who ever comes becomes a fairy or pixie
Every one’s together and no one alone.

I’d have so much joy
When everyone’s so happy
They’d be able to do so many things
When they have their wings so flappy.

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16 responses to “My Dreamland”

  1. Riyaz Avatar

    Reina what a wonderful poem. I particularly enjoyed the feelings I had after reading the first verse!

  2. Jahnvi Avatar

    Reina, Wonderful poem – I loved the way you have clearly stated what you want and made it wonderful for all who come to the place – please note I want to be pixie :) – a naughty one ;)

    Message from Ruhaan – “i like it because i love rhyming words and there are many in this poem and i love it.”

    Message from Inika – “i would like to tell you that i am a fan of your poems Love your poooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmssssssssssssssss”

  3. Shahnaz Avatar

    Reina, what lovely thoughts and so beautifully expressed. May you always sit on that throne spreading Joy to all around.

  4. reina Avatar

    thank you dadi!!!

  5. reina Avatar

    thanks ruh,DJ and jahnvi aunty!!!

  6. sanya Avatar

    Hi Reina,

    very nice poem nothing to improve.
    Just…..BOL Reina!
    which means….. Best Of Luck Reina

  7. vanshika Avatar

    reina your poem is really very creating. GOOD JOB!

  8. Kabir Avatar

    Wow Reina! Your very good imagination, even I wish I had a world like that. GOOD JOB!!!!!

    from Kabir

  9. Prisha Avatar

    Nice Reina.
    I liked your imagination.

  10. Phoram Desai Avatar
    Phoram Desai

    Hey Reina, what a wonderful poem. And oh how wonderful to have a place where no one is alone :)

  11. Kavya Avatar

    I loved you poem!!!!

  12. Radhika Avatar

    Beautiful HAPPY thoughts…………….Keep writing more Reina !!!

  13. Farheen Avatar

    Lovely Reina:)

  14. zian Avatar

    Superb Reina
    I could imagine your poem
    nicely writen

  15. Arusha Avatar

    OMG!Awesome poem!!I wish I could live in Dreamland just like you!Plus I’ve read other pieces of your work and they ROCK!!
    Keep up the good work!And oh-Could you PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE write more???Never give up Kinooze!And do check out my story and poem,please?Just go to ‘search’ and type ‘Goldie’!
    Hope you like them,and awesome poem!

  16. reina Avatar

    thank you so much will write more!!! it is very sweet of you

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