Why stars shine only at night?

Mystery of the Disappearing Stars

You must have often wondered -where do stars disappear as the day breaks. What’s the mystery? After all, where do they go?

Here’s the answer. Stars don’t go anywhere! They just stay where they are! But as the Sun appears in the sky, the sunlight falls on Earth – the sunlight is so flashy and bright it gets scattered everywhere and bedazzles our eyes. Therefore, we are unable to see the tiny points of light that we see in the night sky.

Why stars shine only at night?

To understand what I mean try this. Switch on a lightbulb in you balcony at night. You will see that light of the bulb is quite bright in the night. You might ask me what’s so tricky about it. But wait. Leave the bulb switched on. Look at it in the morning after you get ready for school. You will notice that because of the sunlight all around, the same light-bulb now looks very pale. Has the bulb moved? Is the bulb producing lesser light than last night? No. It’s all because of the dazzling sunlight. That is exactly what happens to the stars!

Why stars shine only at night?A star studded fact:
The stars in the sky are actually distant suns like our own Sun – huge balls of gas that give out heat and light.


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One response to “Mystery of the Disappearing Stars”

  1. sandslasher Avatar

    when a a star disappears it really doesn’t it is just hidden

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