Olympic Archery Sport

Olympic Sport – Archery

Archery existed 10,000 years ago but that time bows and arrows were used only for hunting and warfare. It developed as a competitive sport much later and has now become very popular sport around the world.

As an Olympic event, the object of the sport is simple: to shoot arrows as close to the centre of a target as possible. Gold ring at the centre, measures just 12.2cm and is worth worth a maximum 10 points!! As you hit further away from the ring you get lesser points. Athletes shoot at the target from a distance of 70m. Whoever gets a total of highest point wins.

The sport of archery requires pinpoint precision skill and immense patience. India so far has 4 archers that have qualified for London Olympics 2012.

Here’s some interesting archery jargon….
Boss – the target, usually a square black block made of compacted foam, to which the target face is attached.
Bowman – an athlete.
Draw – the act of pulling back the bow string in preparation for shooting.
Nock – a notch at the end of an arrow that attaches to the bow string.

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