On Cloud Nine

( Disha writes a delightful story)

Image Credit: Flickr User laenulfean, via CC

One fine day when I was sitting on the sofa and playing a game with my best friend Rainy. We saw a shooting star pass by the window and that too in full daylight! I know it’s funny, but the shooting star was bright red in color and it landed in our garden with not even a crash. Then we heard a gentle voice, “I am the sweet sugar fairy, and I grant this power to all who see me. You can fly wherever you want to for one whole day”, and with that she just vanished as she had appeared.

We pinched each other to make sure it was not a dream. “Ouch! That hurts” blurted out Rainy. “Hmm, could that be for real?” I asked quizzically flapping my hands up and down, but nothing happened. We then chanted a nursery rhyme we remembered – “Fly fly, let us fly, take us to the distant sky”. To our surprise we felt a bit light, and started floating in the air. “This is so cool! We are actually flying” gasped Rainy. “Oh yes! This is simply incredible” I cried with joy. “Let’s head towards that bear shaped cloud” suggested Rainy, as she glided like a geese. I quickly followed imitating my mermaid style swimming stroke. We bounced on the enormous cloud and made some cloud men. We squeezed bits of cloud and sprinkled water on the tulip farm underneath. We played hide n seek with the birds and once in a while crashed tiny clouds to make soft thunder.

Little girl on the cloud nine
Image Credit Flickr User paparuchas, via CC

By the afternoon, we were so exhausted that we just leaned onto a fluffy cloud and slept for a while. I was the first one to wake up, and when I looked down our house was not to be seen. The landscape below was completely different. There were Blue Mountains with purple heather, and a serene river flowing by. “Think we drifted in some wrong direction” I said worriedly as I shook Rainy up. Both of us were starting to feel scared. “How do we go back home” Rainy wondered aloud? “Let’s ask those geese,” I said keeping my spirits alive. A flock of geese were flying towards us. Each of them wore a crown and had snow-white feathers. The queen goose was prettier and had a bigger crown with a ruby in the middle.

We asked the geese if they could give us direction to my house. The queen goose told us that they were headed in the same direction and could lead us there. We were very happy to join the flock and flew beside the queen. On the way, I asked “why do you always fly in a V-formation?” The queen explained, “Flying in V-formation is very efficient and helps us move a lot faster. But the bird at the front has to face the most amount of air pressure. Hence we take turns in leading the flock”. “Oh!” I said, “Now we understand”.

Soon the geese led us to my apartment complex and flew westwards. We waved Thanks at them and headed towards my house. As we were flying above the pool, we suddenly started to fall downwards. “Sorry! But your time is up. Hope you enjoyed the flying session” the same gentle voice echoed. We fell down with a SPLASH! I opened my eyes and saw my father sprinkling water on me and saying “come on lazy head, wake up. It’s already half past nine, and you will be late for your dance class if you sleep any longer”. I sat up reluctantly and murmured “fly fly, let us fly …” as I dragged myself towards the bathroom.

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  1. disha Avatar

    Thanks a lot for a cute and lovely illustration kinooze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. anagha Avatar

    verrrrrrrrry gooooooooooooooooood EXCELLENT!!!!

  3. esha Avatar

    Amazing. Please write another story.

  4. disha Avatar


  5. disha Avatar

    thanks! I’ll surely write another story:)

  6. Arusha Avatar

    Disha!are you a child or an amazing author?if you ask me your the best storyteller in the world!keep up your gorgeous,splendid,fantabulous work!
    Thanks a lot!

  7. Prarthana Avatar

    as usual, amazingly creative stories dish! i daont know where you get the ideas from! you should really publish a small book on short stories like these

  8. nya Avatar

    really nice story disha :) please keep posting more wonderful stories like this on kinooze!!!!!!!!!

  9. manjula26 Avatar

    nice work

  10. senuri123 Avatar

    that’s so cool!

  11. senuri123 Avatar

    I agree

  12. senuri123 Avatar

    Where do you get the ideas?

  13. disha Avatar

    thanks a lot!

  14. disha Avatar

    thanks for your appreciation!

  15. disha Avatar

    Thanks.I’ll try posting another in a short while!

  16. disha Avatar

    thanks! Just think of fantasy creatures and make up somme story:)

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