One Blow, more Than a Thousand Bubbles

One Blow, more Than A Thousand Balloons!

Yes! We do have a way to get a thousand balloons from one blow. Scratching your head? Aha! We are talking about Bubbles. Everybody loves bubbles no matter how old you are.

It is a fun time outdoor activity for the summer as the kids spend more time outside. Since bubbles are made out of soapy water, they burst as easily as they are made. But no worries we can easily make some more, and if you run out of the soapy solution here is how you can make it. You will need half cup of liquid soap, a few drops of glycerin and a blower. You are all set to make more bubbles.

If you blow really fast, a bunch of tiny bubble will be made but if you blow slowly bigger but lesser in number bubbles are made.

Bubbles are so fun, but can you freeze them? Well, you could do that if it were possible to freeze them in a few seconds as they burst before that. But it is not possible to freeze do quickly, so most of them  burst.

Why do bubbles burst so easily? Actually the thin layer of water can be easily pricked with something as small as a dust grain, or wind or sometimes evaporation. So they burst. Sad! Have no worries blow some more bubbles.

A Bubbly Activity:

Try this at home and see. No matter what the shape of your bubble blowing band is, square or a triangle or an oval, the bubbles that come out are always like perfect round balls!!!


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2 responses to “One Blow, more Than A Thousand Balloons!”

  1. Kukki Guglani Avatar
    Kukki Guglani

    That's fun

  2. Arusha Avatar

    It’s quite fun you know !!!!!

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