God Could not be Everywhere So he made Mothers

Our Guardian Angels – Mothers

OK. Here is the thing. God loves all the children equally in the world but he realized there is no way he could be with each and every one of them. So what did he do?

He came up with a wonderful idea. He mixed all the nice things in the world  – love, kindness,  gentle kisses & hugs, magical healing touch, discipline, the knack to tell right from wrong, heart of gold – and stirred them all together to make a magic potion. He then made angels drink it.  And…WHOA!! Angels turned into mothers! Of course, he also gave mothers an extra pair of invisible eyes at  the back of their heads. That is how your mother always knows what you are doing behind her back !!

Now, you might think why did God give you Your mother and not some other mother?
Well, God gave your mother to you because she is the only one who can bring out the best in you. There are times when you might disagree with her. And you might wonder whether someone added a dash of mean-ness into your mom’s magic potion ;) But your mom does what she is supposed to do – she is the only person around you who will always tell you what is the right thing for you – whether you like it or not.

Well, that was all about when your mom is strict. But, think of the times when she hugs you, kisses you, comforts you when someone teases you, puts you to bed, reads you bed time stories (no matter how sleepy she herself might be), makes the most amazing pizzas and ice candies… Phew !! The list is just endless, right??

There’s no doubt about one thing…
East or West, Mothers are the Best!!

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