Pelamis wave turbine prototype in Scotland

Power of the Oceans!

Image Credit: Flickr User moroccan_spirit, via CC

Hydro-power is not a new term, it has been around for a long time. It means “Energy from water” (hydro means water, and power means energy of course). By constructing dams on the rivers or by placing turbines we have tapped on this energy from water and have converted it into electricity. Almost 17 percent of world’s electricity supplies are hydro-power generated.

Can you imagine a way to solve the electricity problems of the world? If rivers can produce 17% of the required energy, what if we tapped the energy of a bigger water body? Guess what is a bigger water body than river? Our oceans! In fact 3/4th of the Earth is covered by oceans, think of the amount of energy that could generate!

Wish there was someone trying to generate hydro-power from the oceans? Well, your wish just came true. Although ocean power systems are still at an experimental stage, there is a company called Blue Energy Canada that is close to commercializing a tidal turbine  that could generate zero fuel, pollution-free electricity by capturing energy from ocean currents. This company has already purchased power agreements in India, Indonesia, and New Zealand.

Another company named Pelamis Wave Power is using a set of subway-size floating turbines, to convert wave power into electricity off the coast of Scotland.

Pelamis wave turbine prototype in Scotland
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, via CC

Now that is an invention which is for the good of the world! Isn’t it?

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