Return of Batman

Image credit: Flickr User ssoosay, via CC

Batman returns to fight against crime!!  Errr.. only a few corrections. The comic book superhero did not make a block buster return on screen. Neither did he save the city of Gotham from crime this time.

A man dressed as superhero BATMAN,  dragged in a suspected burglar into a police station in the British city of Bradford. A slightly pot bellied and overweight man, dressed from head to toe like batman, brought the burgular into Bradford police station. He handed him over to the duty officer and said : ‘Here you  are, it’s over to you now.’ After that he disappeared into the night just like the superhero does in the comic strip. The spectacle left local people and even police officers stunned.

Police are trying to figure out the identity of the person who was dressed as batman. However, now they know that it was a chinese takeaway delivery guy Stan Worby, 39. He accompanied his friend who was wanted for questioning in Bradford while dressed as the caped crusader as a joke. Big mystery solved. Ha!

Did you know that Batman is a fictional character, a comic book superhero created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, an American millionaire who hates criminals. So, dressed in a bat themed costume in order to fight crime, he operates in the fictional American City of Gotham.

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    very funny! :)

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