All colorful hula hoops

Round and Round Around your Waist

No points for guessing! It is the plastic hoop that you spin around your waist or at least try to. There are some who can twirl it for hours, but if you are one of them who can’t hold it long enough, watch this video. After all everything is all about learning the trick and practicing.

Hula hoop is not a modern day invention. It has been there since the 5th century. Ancient Greeks made the hoop with dried up shrubs and stiff grasses. It was used for recreation as well as exercising. Oh yes! shaking your body with the hoop sure burns a lot of calories :)

Until 19th century, the ring  was just called ‘hoop’. Then some British soldiers travelling to Hawaiian Islands noticed that the body movements while performing traditional Hawaiian dance ‘hula’  are extremely similar to body movements when one spins the hoop. Ever Since then ‘hula’ has inseparably attached itself to the ‘hoop’ to become Hula Hoop!!


Many world records are attached with hula hooping.

  • Aaron Hibbs from Ohio spun the hula for the longest time – 74 hours and 54 minutes between October 22-25,2009.
  • Record for most hoops twirled in one go is 132 held by Paul “Dizzy Hips” Blair on November 11, 2009.
  • The largest hoop – 45.55 feet in circumference was twirled by Asrita Furman of United States in September 2005.

Happy Hooping!!


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