Sally And Her Determination


(This inspirational story is written by our little reader Sravya, who is seven years old)

Image Credit: Flickr User giovana_milanezi, via CC

Once upon a time a girl named Sally lived in Gurgaon, India. Her sports day was just a day away and she was very excited! On her sports day there were almost fifty children participating from her and another school.

She was in the 500 meter race. She was very scared as she had to race with tough girls. Then she thought what her teacher told her that to be confident and look at her goal only! then she thought that there is nobody around her and started running and won.

And she won a trophy! Her parents were so happy with her that they bought her a beautiful personal diary. She liked it so much that she hugged both of her parents. After that she realized that with hard work and determination she can get anything. She got A+ in her 10th class exams it was very hard!  She was very very happy! She studied hard and completed her college. Then she started working in an office. She was so hard working that soon she became the boss of all. All of them used to cheer her. Any time Sally had to face a tough work, Sally would remember her sports day and could easily do it.

She continued doing it for her whole life.

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8 responses to “Sally And Her Determination”

  1. Amol Avatar

    Very well. Keep it up Sravya.
    Habit of reading and writing will go a long way in your life.

  2. Preeti Avatar

    Well done Shravya dear :-)

  3. Dolly Chawla Avatar
    Dolly Chawla

    Excellent Shravya!!!

  4. Ragini Avatar

    Good job Sravya!! Great going….Keep it up…

  5. Arusha Avatar

    Excellent work!sally was very determined indeed!

  6. Zeal2000 Avatar

    Amazing read! Very well done!
    Very inspiring story.


  7. Prarthana Avatar

    Well done! keep writing

  8. veda Avatar

    Awesome story Sravya. Great imagination and creativity

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