Snakes in the Closet

Snakes In The Closet

Who would have thought that when you clean your kid’s closet you will find a box full of baby snakes? Well that is what happened to a mother of a 3 year old toddler named Kyle in Australia.

Sometime ago Kyle was playing in his yard and found a cluster of eggs. However, he did not realize that these are the eggs of venomous eastern brown snakes. He collected them in a container and hid it in the closet.

Thankfully Kyle wasn’t hurt, and the snakes were later released into the forest.


The eastern brown snake is the second most venomous snake in the world. But they prefer to live in Australia so you are safe if you are not living down under :)


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One response to “Snakes In The Closet”

  1. esha Avatar

    amazing article. good that Kyle did’nt get hurt.

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